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BBC Series: What Remains

Last night saw the final episode of the four past BBC series: What Remains. Initially I was sceptical it was going to be another run of the mill police detective series, and I was also unsure of David Threlfall in the role of the detective. However I was proven wrong on both accounts. The story line, was initially seemed like the usual murder investigation, became much more involved, exploring the relationships between the different characters, and the small community in the flats.

I felt David Threlfall portrayed the ageing detective well, however it was clear that the character was personally attached to the investigation, I thought due to his feeling of being lonely, that did not come across, although not due to poor acting, but due to limited script time devoted to this area. It was only in the final scenes this became apparent. I certainly grew to dislike all the characters you were later given good reason to dislike/distrust, and the cut-scenes to the links with the murder victim were clever, but again limited.

The ending had a twist that I did not expect, although resulted in my initial guess as to the murder being correct, but I felt that the ending to the whole series was rushed. I enjoyed the first 3 episodes exploring the relationships, finding out one piece at a time, and really not knowing much more than the detective. However, in the last 30 minutes, we found out everything, no time was taken to explain what took place, and the story was left a little short. I almost felt there should be a fifth episode, showing the increasing torment of the detective, and his loneliness; the Liz character and why/how she ended up with Sellers; the character Sellers was barely explored; and a few other questions.

I enjoyed the series, and the ending is not typical of a series you'll see on TV. I thought the direction of the final scene was excellent, and portrayed the atmosphere that would have been present in the block of flats. However it felt that the storyline lost direction whilst exploring the different characters, and the last episode was an attempt just to bring the story to a close, rather than a natural ending. Still, if this is indicative of the new shows the BBC is to bring this Autumn, I will be looking forward to my Sunday evening television.
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